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Got a question or two?




What's the deal with COVID restrictions?

Safety is a big thing @ MANIAX and while we're all for personal freedom of choice - to keep both you and our staff safe we'll be following government guidance regarding venue capacity, social distancing and vaccine requirements of entry.

These restrictions may vary by location so please make sure to check the current and relevant local government restrictions before making a booking or visiting us as we'd hate for you to rock up and not be able to join the party.

Is there a minimum age for throwing?

There sure is! We require throwers to be aged 13 years or over.

Participants aged 13-17 will require a responsible adult onsite for the duration of their visit, in addition to a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. We require one responsible adult onsite for every 15 minors in their care.

Little ones are welcome to come along and watch all the action take place - we often find that they make the best cheer squad!.

 How much does it cost? How long are the sessions?

So you want to cut right to the chase, huh? We like that.

All of our pricing can be found under the ‘AXE THROWING’ tab for your selected location. All session types run for 2 hours, with the exception of the ‘Quick Chuck’ which runs for 60 minutes.

Do you take 'walk-ins'?

Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth: Absolutely! Look at you, you spontaneous little charmer! We have walk-in lanes available for Quick Chuck Sessions, which run for 60 minutes and are designed for groups with fewer than 6 throwers. However, fun stuff does sell fast, so we do recommend booking to avoid missing out. This can be done here for Melbourne, here for Brisbane, here for Adelaide and here for Perth.

Sydney: Nope. Unfortunately, our little Sydney venue is unable to accommodate walk in bookings. All sessions need to be pre-booked online at least 24 hours before you’d like to throw, which you can do here

Opening Hours for Quick Chuck Sessions:

Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide Venues Only:

Monday: 2:00pm - 8:00pm (last thrower kicks off at 7:00pm)

Tuesday - Friday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm (last thrower kicks off at 8:00pm)

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 9:00pm (last thrower kicks off at 8:00pm)


Can I book a session for fewer than 6 people?

Sure! If you have fewer than 6 people in your group, and you’re just keen on trying axe throwing, we’d recommend a 60 minute Quick Chuck session. If it’s a hosted, 2 hour experience that you’re after, we offer “shared lane” session types for groups of fewer than 6, including the Public Session and Date Night packages. Please note that you will be sharing a lane and host (or Axe-pert) with other groups if you select a Public Session or Date Night Session. 

What if I want a Private Session but don’t have 6 people?

Keen on your own Axe-pert coach and a comp for just you and your mates, but struggling to get together a group of 6? You can book a private session and attend with fewer than 6 people - you’ll just need to pay for 6. Consider this more of a lane hire fee than a per person charge.

What is the difference between a Public Session and a Private Session?

Private Sessions are offered for groups of 6+. When you book a Private Session, you’re booking a lane for the exclusive hire of your group, plus an Axe Throwing Coach (Axe-pert) to show you the ropes and keep the competition fair for the entire two hour experience.You’ll be allocated 1 double target lane and 1 Axe-pert Host for every 15 throwers in your group if you have a group of 16+.

Public Sessions can be booked and paid per head for those groups with fewer than 6 (and who don’t wish to pay for 6 minimum for a Private Session).  This is a hosted, two hour experience where you will learn the ropes of axe throwing before jumping into games and competitions with other throwers. Please note that you will be sharing a lane and Axe-pert with other groups of people if you select a Public Session. If you’re not keen on playing axe throwing games with people that you don’t know (or friends you haven’t met yet!), then this is not the session for you. We’d recommend that you book into a Quick Chuck session.

Can we come at a time that isn’t available on the website?

Unfortunately, this is rarely possible. Axe Throwing has become very popular, and our session commencement times are designed to accommodate the maximum possible number of groups in any given day.

However, if you’d like to chat to us about your specific circumstances (and you’re able to come in early in the week), please reach out to us on We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can we have a shorter session?

Our session running times have been designed to optimise your experience, but your session time is yours. If you need to leave early or arrive later than your scheduled arrival time, please let us know in advance so that we’re best able to meet your needs. Please be aware that we’re unable to accommodate price cuts to facilitate shorter sessions.

What is included in a session?

Your two hour session includes a safety briefing, one-on-one coaching from our Axe-perts and time for some target practice before we launch into an epic tournament to crown the Axe Throwing Champion. If your group isn’t down with all of that competitive energy, let us know so that we can tailor your session to include more short format, novelty games. All sessions are fully supervised by our Axe-perts, who will be there to help you every step of the way.

What if my numbers change?

We get that things can sometimes change. If you have booked a PRIVATE SESSION, provided that your fluctuating number of final guests falls within your lane bracket, you can let us know on the day. If your numbers fall outside of the bracket that you’ve booked, as shown below, please check our policy here.

6-15 people = 1 lane (your minimum required payment on the day is 6 people, your maximum cap for people is 15)

16-30 people = 2 lanes (your minimum required payment on the day is 16 people, your maximum cap is for 30 people

31-45 people = 3 lanes (your minimum required payment on the day is 31 people, your maximum cap is for 45 people)

46-60 people = 4 lanes (your minimum required payment on the day is 46 people, your maximum cap is for 60 people)

61-75 people = 5 lanes (your minimum required payment on the day is 61 people, your maximum cap is for 75 people)

**This does not apply to bookings with Food and Beverage Packages**

Will someone teach me how to throw an axe?

Yes! Our Axe-pert coaches will teach you how to throw, offering tips and guidance to help you hone your new skills throughout your session. You’ll be hitting bullseyes in no time! 

Is it co-ed?

You betcha! Axe throwing is all about technique and accuracy - strength has very little to do with it! We offer a range of axes in a variety of sizes and weights, so you’re sure to find one that’s the perfect fit for you. 

What are your hours?

All session types (except for the Quick Chuck) need to be booked in advance. Sessions can be booked to commence at 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm and 7:00pm. 

You can walk into the venue for a Quick Chuck booking if you’re up for a bit of spontaneous axe throwing! Quick Chuck sessions commence on the hour and are available:

Monday (2:00pm - 8:00pm)
Tuesday - Friday (12:00pm - 9:00pm)
Saturday & Sunday (9:00am - 9:00pm).

Please note that Quick Chuck sessions are not available in Sydney, and that we encourage you to check availability online before you come in. 

How many locations do you have?

We Have 6 Locations!

SYDNEY - Suite 2.01, 75 Mary Street, St Peters

MELBOURNE CBD - Basement, 121 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

MELBOURNE - 19-21 Russell St, Abbotsford 

BRISBANE - 52a Doggett St, Newstead

PERTH - 63a John St, Northbridge

ADELAIDE - 1 Light Terrace, Thebarton 

What are your "House Rules"?

It's important to us that everyone has a great time at MANIAX. You must always abide by the below rules when you're on site. 

  • We have a zero tolerance policy to aggressive, anti-social, abusive or otherwise unsafe behaviour. Anyone who shows any sign of this type of behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately, without refund. 

  • To participate in axe throwing activities all participants must agree to our Terms and Conditions, as set out in our Waiver. 

  • Participants must be 18 years of age (or 13 years of age with a parent or guardian present). Venue Staff may ask to see photo ID. 

  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times when participating in axe throwing events.

  • You must obey the instructions of venue staff at all times - this is for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

  • All axes must remain in the throwing area at all times.

  • Please respect our neighbours as you leave the premises and keep noise to a minimum.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

We sure do! These can be purchased here.

How to I redeem my Gift Voucher?

Got a Gift Voucher to redeem? Axe-cellent. 

Book through the website and enter your voucher number at the payment screen. Easy as, right?

If after payment, you still have a residual balance - don't worry! The balance will be saved and can be used for future bookings using the same voucher code!

Got multiple vouchers to use? GREAT - Put in the first voucher details, apply payment, then enter the second, third, etc

Any problems sling us an email at and one of the team will be happy to axe-cist you. 






What if people in our group arrive late?

We’d really encourage you to ensure that all of your group arrives approximately 10 minutes before your session is due to commence. If you’ve got a mate that’s always late, maybe be a little cheeky and tell them to get there 15 minutes before.

Late arrivals can be accommodated, but please note that this will cut into your throwing time! Your coach will need to stop the group and run through the safety and introduction all over again with the latecomer.

 Do you have aircon?

Unfortunately, we don’t have air conditioning in our warehouses. We do run fans in summer, but it can get hot. We recommend coming in some cool clothes, embracing the sweaty nature of axe throwing and cooling down with an icy cold beer after your session. 

Are your venues pet friendly?

Absolutely! As long as someone is constantly supervising the pet, you’re more than welcome to bring them along!

Do you serve food?

Brisbane & Adelaide: 

Our Brisbane and Adelaide venues both serve oozy, cheesy, piping hot pizzas fresh from the onsite kitchen. We also have meat and cheese platters available if you’re after something a little less substantial, or snacks like chips, confectionery and ice cream available if you just need a quick fix. 

If pizzas don’t float your boat, our freaking amazing catering partners are also able to source burgers, slow roasted meats - whatever your heart desires - but you’ll need to organise this with us at least a week in advance. Reach out to us on to chat about your options. 

Sydney, Melbourne & Perth:

There are no onsite kitchens in these venues, but our freaking amazing catering partners are able to source pizzas, burgers, slow roasted meats - whatever your heart desires to keep that axe throwing appetite at bay. You’ll need to organise this with us at least a week in advance.  You can view the catered package options in your city by clicking on the “AXE THROWING” tab at the top of the website. 

We have chocolate, snacks and packets of chips available for purchase at the venue if you find that hunger strikes suddenly, or you’re looking for something to tide you over. 

As our venues are licensed, we do not permit BYO food or drinks (with the exception of a water bottle or a birthday cake).

Do you serve alcohol/can I bring alcohol?

BRISBANE - We have a licence to serve alcohol. Limit to 3 drinks per person whilst at the venue. we have craft beer and cider available. No BYO alcohol permitted.

MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, ADELAIDE & PERTH - We have a licence to serve alcohol. Patrons are not permitted to consume alcohol until they have finished axe throwing. No BYO alcohol permitted.

As per our alcohol policy here, you must not attend your session under the influence of alcohol, no matter which venue you are attending.

What do I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel a little bit like the bad-ass, hatchet hurling warrior you’ll turn into by the time we’re done with you!

Closed-toe shoes are a must, and we recommend wearing light, loose clothing in summer.

What is your cancellation policy? Can I change the date of our booking?

Please click here to read our cancellation, change of date and booking policy.

Do you accept credit card/EFTPOS?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and debit at the venue. Cash and AMEX are NOT accepted at the venue.

Can I bring my own axe?

For Axe Throwing Sessions - No, council restrictions prohibit us from allowing you to bring your own axe. We’ll supply all the axes you’ll need! We’ve thrown an axe or two in our time, and we’ve found the best possible axes for beginner hatchet hurlers.

For League Players - Chat to us about how we can help you in selecting the right axe for you now that you're a pro!!

Can I bring my child?

Sure! Throwing is reserved for those aged 13 and over, but you’re welcome to bring along little ones as your cheer squad.

Please be aware that we’re a really loud, edgy venue, and that our spaces weren’t designed with kids in mind. Our guests can get super excited about releasing their inner viking, so there is often cheering, yelling and the occasional swear word onsite.

Kids are required to be supervised at all times.

Are spectators allowed?

Of course! You do not need to include spectators in your booking numbers. Just shoot us an email with your booking reference number so we can make sure we are keeping within the venue occupancy limits.

Can I throw axes if I’m pregnant?

We recommend a consultation with your doctor prior to booking, but you are absolutely welcome to come on in and hurl hatchets with us.

Is the axe heavy?

Our regular competition axes weigh about 1.3kg and are made of raw steel. Most people don’t consider the axe to be very heavy. You may throw the axe with 1 hand or 2 hands, whichever feels most comfortable for you. Our coaches will help you find the technique that works best for you.

Is there parking?

SYDNEY - Yes, there is some parking available onsite at Precinct 75. Enter off Edith Street into Precinct 75. Otherwise, save your gas and the world and catch a bus, train or uber!

MELBOURNE - Yes, there is ample street parking in the area. We’d recommend that you save your gas and the world and catch a bus, train or uber!

BRISBANE - No, not on site. There is timed parking surrounding the venue. Otherwise, save your gas and the world and catch a bus, train or uber!

PERTH - No, not on site. There is timed parking in the surrounding streets. Otherwise, save your gas and the world and catch a bus, train or uber!

ADELAIDE - We do have limited parking onsite at Light Terrace (enter 3rd driveway on the right after entering from Port Road). There is abundant free car parking on the Bonython Park side of Port Road across from the venue. Otherwise, save your gas and the world and catch a bus, train or uber!


Can I get there by public transit?

SYDNEY - Yes, MANIAX Sydney is less than 10 minutes walk from Sydenham Train Station (750m) or an 11 minute walk from St Peters station (900m). Enter our venue via Edith Street or Mary Street entrances. 

MELBOURNE - Yes, MANIAX Melbourne is located just 200 metres from Collingwood Train Station and numerous bus and tram lines on Hoddle Street and Alexander Parade. Enter off either Henry or Russell Street (between Gipps and Langridge Streets).

BRISBANE - Yes, MANIAX Brisbane is located just a quick 15 minute walk from Bowen Hills or Fortitude Valley Train stations, 8 minutes walk from the bus stops on Wickham Street or Ann Street and only 5 minutes walk from the James Street Precinct in the Valley or the Gasworks Precinct, Newstead.

PERTH - Yes, MANIAX Perth is located just a 15 minute walk from Perth Train Station with various bus stops surrounding our venue.

ADELAIDE - Absolutely! The Thebarton tram stop is just steps away from our front door!

 Do you sell MANIAX merchandise?

Yes! Check out our range under the “SHOP” tab, or pop into your local venue.

Are cameras allowed?

Abso-freaking-lutely! We LOVE to see your axe throwing pictures and videos, so remember to tag us and use our hashtag: 


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