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**Postponement to 2022 due to COVID.**

COVID shut down lots of things in 2020, but when it crushed the hopes and dreams of the talented competitive throwers who’ve been absolutely hanging out to compete at the top level, we knew that something had to be done.  

Enter, the APATC.

In 2021, MANIAX, Australia’s first and largest Axe Throwing Company, will crown the best of the best. The legend among legends, if you will. The world’s first Asia-Pacific Axe Throwing Champion. 

We’re throwing the challenge down to ANY axe thrower, from anywhere in the region.  It doesn’t matter where you throw, who you’re affiliated with (IATF or WATL), or if you’re not affiliated at all. Whether you’re a league veteran, you’ve got a target in your backyard or you’ve only ever thrown once before - you’re able to enter! Who knows, there may be an Axe Throwing Champion inside of you, just waiting to steal the limelight from the best of the best League throwers who have been competing for years! 


Registrations are now CLOSED for APATC.

State Qualification: Sunday 7th March, 2021 across all MANIAX venues.

Second Chance Qualifiers:

  • Adelaide - 2 November
  • Melbourne - 23 November (TBC)
  • Perth - 9 November
  • Brisbane - 9 November
  • Sydney - 16 November

**** PLEASE NOTE: The Asia-Pacific Axe Throwing Championship has been POSTPONED due to extended lockdown in Sydney and Melbourne. Tentative new date will be advised, however likely to be held in March 2022.

Please see statement here for more information.

Postponement of APATC


Well, aside from being crowned the ASIA PACIFIC AXE THROWING CHAMPION (yes we're talking a big-ass Trophy and the street cred to go with it), our Champ will take home a bag jam-packed with prizes. We're talking $1000'S OF DOLLARS in prize-money, a bunch of MANIAX gear + MANIAX Membership goodness, along with a sweet prize pack from our buddies. If you make the top 3, we’ll celebrate your glory with a prize pack, too. 





APATC Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enter? 

Entry is free for all MANIAX members with a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. For all non-members entry to State Qualifiers will cost $100.  Registrations close by 28th February, 2020. 

How do I pay?

If you're a MANIAX Member your entry is FREE! No need to pay but you must register to save your spot. You can do so by accessing the Discount code sent to you via your identified Membership email. If you've not received a code, please get in touch with us at If you're not a MANIAX Member you can register and pay by clicking on your preferred Venue Page above.

What are the dates? 

State Qualifiers will occur concurrently on Sunday 7th March across all MANIAX venues.  

The Asia-Pacific Axe Throwing Championship (Invitational) occurs oin March 2022 (Location and exact date to be advised).

Is this an all day event?

Yes! State Qualifiers and the APATC Invitational will take place between 9am and 5pm on their respective dates. 

How many games will I get? 

Minimum number of games for State Qualifiers is yet to be determined as it will depend on the number of registrations from each state. Never fear, we intend to offer a significant amount of throwing time similar to the APATC Invitational. 

Competitors in APATC Invitational (Finals) will play at least 9 games throughout the day (depending on how well you do!). 

How do I qualify for the APATC (Finals)?

The top four players from each state will qualify for the APATC Invitational. Any players who didn’t make it are more than welcome to compete in the MANIAX Open Tournament (also held on October 16th at the same location). Further information about entry to the MANIAX Open Tournament will become available closer to the date.

Is there an age restriction? 

Competitors must be 13+ in order to be thrown within MANIAX venues. Please be advised that any competitor aged between 13 - 17 years of age will need to be accompanied by a person who is 18+. 

I’m not a MANIAX Member, can i still compete? 

You sure can, but you will need to pay $100 entry fee (or sign up for a membership ;)) 

Any member signed up to a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership gets FREE Entry into the State Qualifiers. Find out more here.

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